Photo by Maud Velders - DogPhotographer

Why Greater Swiss?
I have always admired the versitility of this breed. 
They are never boring - The energy level is such that they are ready to go when you are, and content to relax with you when the work is done.

About CedarCove Swissies
My life has gone to the dogs ...
I started out going to dog shows with a friend of mine who raised Basenjis. One day Dawn said "you should get a dog to show."

When I saw a photo of a beautiful tri-colored dog in a book it captured my attention. I knew I would want to show dogs and breed as well so after some research in to the breed, I flew to Georgia to get my first Swissy, "Timber". 

Two years later I flew to Oregon to pick up "Cedar". And now my house is full of her kids and grandkids. Living with a 'wheel' of Swissies is like living with a pack of 2-year olds... Always wanting attention and never picking up after themselves. 

I have enjoyed everything the breed has brought in to my world, so many new experiences and great friendships.
I Got Swiss!
    Cedar & Aspen from Snowy Mountain Farms